Sunday, April 22, 2018


So I took Nyquil an hour ago with the intent that I would go to bed shortly and sleep well through the night. I find myself sitting here at the computer an hour later, having explored family and friend blogs and rearranged my own. I added a few gadgets that I hope you'll enjoy. Try the pianos at the bottom of the page.

Tom and I are each at the end of bad colds. But it's opposite ends. He's about over his and mine is just beginning. I hope I feel well when we go to Cindy's and Eric's graduation.

Cindy reminded me that I hadn't shared the fact that I received a new calling. I didn't mention it last week because I wasn't sustained yet. But now I am sustained and set apart and in already out of the frying pan into the fire. I am first counselor in the young women presidency. When I am not drugged I will tell you how I feel about it. Right now I have no feeling. In fact, I think this is the moment I've been waiting for: I can fall asleep any moment now!

Clever blog, don't you think? That's what happens when grandmas get on drugs.

I should mention right now that Tom showed me a photo Lisa sent him while I was away tonight. It was a picture of what her oven looked like after Miralise and Morgan dumped half the spices in the oven. I guess they were cooking and wanted spicy food! And from what Tom tells me Lisa's not too happy that we live three hours away right now. Sorry, Lisa.

Good-night all. If I keep writing it will get worse than this.

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